Made by Ambition

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We know you are busy, so we get straight to the point. We are a group of people in Oslo, New York, Paris and Prague. We use our brains to create graphic design, product design, art & photography.


In short, we solve the problems of clients.


Four cities. Four offices. Forty creatives.


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A multidisciplinary team of makers.

Brilliant brains and fancy machines.

Top to bottom, left to right

David Sutton (CEO), Michael McCarty (Design Lead Oslo), Jennifer Mcdaniel (Design Lead New York), Lisa Bradshaw (Design Lead Paris) & Robert Reyes (Design Lead Prague).

Never forget something to boast about.

Awards & achievements.

Awwwards | Site of the month
Pictured by Business Insider
CSS Design Awards
Awwwards | Site of the month
Pictured by the New York Times


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